Chat with a fan ft. Thogden

Today’s episode sees us speak to prominent young YouTuber (but most importantly Bolton fan), Thogden.

Why do you support Bolton?

I support Bolton because my whole family do. Down the line, we’ve been supporting the club for years.

What has been your favourite game?

My favourite game has to be when we beat Atletico Madrid in the Europa league 1-0 and then we flew out to Atletico Madrid for the 2nd leg which ended 0-0 so we went through and the atmosphere was crazy. I still remember it today. They had Aguero on their team too!

Who has been your favourite player of all time?

My favourite players are Nat Lofthouse, Ivan Campo and Jay Jay Okocha. However, since I didn’t really get to see them play live, I’d have to say Kevin Davies, with Jussi close behind.

Prediction for this season?

My prediction for this season would be 15th. I believe we’ll avoid relegation but this isn’t gonna be easy. There is so much money in this league and we can’t spend a quid. You see ‘boro spending 43 mil this transfer window whilst we are in an embargo and for that reason I’m gonna have to say 15th.

Many thanks to Thogden. Want to get involved too? Leave a comment below.


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