Chat with a fan ft. BwfcGoals

This time round, we spoke to Wanderers fan page, BwfcGoals.

Why do you support Bolton?

Having been born in Bolton and given that the rest of my family support them, it seemed the obvious choice.

What has been your favourite game?

My favourite game was the 3-0 against Peterborough. With this being the first promotion I have seen and remember, and the whole atmosphere throughout the day, it will be a memory that I will always cherish.

Who has been your favourite player of all time?

Jay Jay Okocha. What couldn’t that guy do? Some of the skills he used to do were unreal! One that sticks in my mind is the flick over Gary Neville (maybe because I have seen it played so many times since). You always knew you would be entertained when he was playing.

Prediction for this season?

Anywhere above the relegation zone will do. This is going to be a really tough season with the embargo and money being splashed around by other clubs. I think we have a decent enough starting line up to stay up, but the squad depth, due to the embargo, could cost us.

Many thanks to BwfcGoals. Go give them a follow on Twitter. Interested in being interviewed? Leave a comment below or get in touch via email.


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