Millwall vs Bolton: Predictions

Millwall have had a similar start to the season to us on paper, having lost their first game by a goal before beating League 2 opposition in the EFL Cup during the week. They lost by a goal away at Mark Warburton’s Nottingham Forest before beating Stevenage 2-0.

I know many people are tipping us to go straight back down, but Millwall are among my favourites to go down. Looking at their side, it looks like the weakest Millwall side to grace the Championship in recent years. They have a few good young players, and Fred Onyedinma would certainly strike me as their biggest threat, but I think they’ll struggle this year.

Lee Gregory scored 15 goals in League 1 last year, and has a season of Championship football under his belt from a few years ago, so he would appear to be their biggest goal threat.

That being said, there are many things we claim to know about our team that others don’t – for example, people looking at us will think, ‘Oh, they’re starting with Gary Madine up front. This’ll be easy.’ Little do they know Gary Madine is probably the best striker in England right now. Maybe Millwall have their own team of ‘Gary Madine’s’. We’ll have to see.

However, if we are to stay up – which I believe we will – we have to beat teams like Millwall, and I’m cautiously optimistic here.

I think our defence is starting to gel – Reece Burke looks like a superb signing. Start him alongside Mark Beevers who knows Millwall inside out, and we’re rock solid at the back. That is, of course, provided that we play people in position (that means not playing Stephen Darby at wing back, or centre back). If we can manage that, I’m going for a 2-1 Bolton win. Mark Beevers and Gary Madine to score.

What are you predicting? Leave your thoughts below.


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  1. I’m a bit of a fatalist. Millwall haven’t beaten us in a long time. That worries me for a start. I agree they are favourites to go down. Someone up there must have been smiling down on them when they won the play-offs. I’ve a feeling it will be a draw, but I hope I’m wrong. Barnsley may struggle as well considering they have lost players. I’m hoping Burton make up the triumvirate. You are right, we have to pick up points against teams like Millwall. We ain’t going to get them at Middlebrough! Nicky, I never had you for a comedian. “Gary Madine is the best striker in England right now!” If so, I’m a Dutchman! However, he may be the best target man in Horwich.


  2. What on earth is it about Pratley that every manager since Coyle has felt the need to include him in the team, no matter what! Yes, he has a good workrate but talent wise he leaves a lot to be desired. I did hope Parky would have selected Buckley today, but no chance! I don’t remember any previous manager actually verbalising just why he is so indispensible! Obviously, I’m really disappointed with his inclusion today. I hope he proves me wrong, but I doubt it.


  3. Difficult not to have mixed feelings after today’s game. A point away from home isn’t to be sneezed at in the Championship. But last year we did the double over Millwall and their manager admitted at the time, that we were well worth those wins. From what I’ve seen and read so far this season, we have been second best in all three games for the majority of the time. Have the likes of Millwall improved or have we regressed? It’s hard to criticise when the team is playing under this embargo. A bit unfair as well. But the reality of not being able to buy talent is going to prove a real problem. It’s going to be tough every week. Our pool of players is barely minimum. Injuries could seriously derail us. But, on the bright side, we have shown resilience in adversity and come out with our heads held high. And there are plenty of teams below us in the table.


  4. I think a lot of fans would agree with you, Nicky, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen any day soon. For me he has to seriously consider playing Buckley and Morais in that system. Certainly, Morais. He makes such a difference to the team creating chances and he also patrols the right flank very well. I’ve almost forgotten what a flat back four looks like at Bolton.


  5. I’m starting to think that playing 3 at the back is Parky’s way of trying to say “I don’t play hoofball, I play really clever football” because 3 at the back is a little less common, and more Brendan Rodgers esque. Otherwise, I see no other reason! Buckley is without a doubt one of our most proven players at this level. He needs to start. Morais obviously has to, now that he’s fit. This team could pick itself – and look pretty good (if only Parky would let it).


  6. Having said all that, we have to put our faith in him to come up with the goods. Maybe if we get turned over like we did at Middlebrough a couple of times, he will change it. But if we keep clean(ish) sheets and also nick a goal, it may be here to stay.


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