Chat with a fan ft. BWFClatam

Starting from tomorrow, we’ve got an exciting new feature coming up. Every Monday, Matías and Nicolás, Bolton fans from Argentina, collectively known as BWFCLatam will write a column on what it’s like to support Bolton from so far away. Their dream is to travel to the Macron and watch the Whites in flesh, which they are raising money for but for now, they follow every game as closely as possible from over 7,000 miles away.

Here, we talk to Matías about his love for the club.

Why do you support Bolton?

It all started on a football game, with my friend Nicolás. We chose to play as Bolton and since then in 2013/14, we followed the club day by day from Argentina. We dedicate ourselves 24/7 because we love the club.

What has been your favourite game?

My favourite game was the replay of the FA Cup game against Liverpool at the Macron in 2015. Even though we were eliminated, it was special because it was the first one I could watch on TV (it was ESPN, here in Argentina) and I felt like I was encouraging them in the Macron. The first game was also epic at Anfield with fans encouraging non-stop.

Who has been your favourite player of all time?

I have a great admiration for Jay Jay Okocha. Although I have few memories of him, through videos I saw that he was one of the best African players in history and we were lucky to have him in our club. A legend among the likes of Ivan Campo of course.

Prediction for this season?

I think it’s going to be a very tough season for us, without the resources to be equal to the other teams. But we are Bolton – a team with history – and we are going to fight. I think we’ll end up in the middle of the table, but if the team has a bit of luck they can get into the playoffs. Everyone says that we will go to relegation but we will give surprise them.

Many thanks to Matías. You can catch his first column tomorrow here on Wanderers Station!


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