Chat with a fan ft. Nieve Pegg

Nieve is a huge Bolton Wanderers fan who recently visited 58 football grounds in 54 hours to raise money for victims of the Manchester Arena bombings.

Why do you support Bolton?

My Grandad has supported Bolton for over 5 decades. He took me to my first game when I was 6. I want to keep the “Pegg” family tradition going because I love the club so much.

What has been your favourite game?

Funnily enough one of my favourite games was against the Barca B team in the 2012 pre-season. It was 2-2 and all 4 goals were scored in 17 minutes, Bolton came back twice to secure a draw. That and Port Vale last season are my favourites.

Who has been your favourite player of all time?

Either Jussi, simply because he’s a Bolton Wanderer’s hero from when I was born and I grew up with him as a star for our club. Or Muamba, a hard working, kind, strong and humble footballer and man.

Prediction for this season?

This season will be nerve-wracking and relegation would crumble the club. But I think we will finish 14th. We have proven that we are capable of scoring against big name teams like Leeds. Madine will be vital this season, and our defence just need to re-gather last year’s form!

Many thanks to Nieve for her time here. Interested in getting involved? We’re just a comment/email/tweet away.


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