Being a South American Wanderer

It started with a game and became my everyday passion. There is one not day when I do not think about Bolton Wanderers. I’m 7000 miles away, true, but the fans make me feel like I’m in there because I already feel part of the Bolton family. I dream every day of waking up in that small town in England and being able to go to a game at Macron Stadium and I will not stop fighting for that dream.

I met the club in the worst moment of its history, but that did not stop me from following it because it goes beyond the football. The bad administration led the club to be on the brink of bankruptcy. However, little by little we are getting ourselves up. We are a historic English club and, this season is very important to consolidate us in Championship in spite of having so many disadvantages compared with our rivals. I have full confidence in our team, I would just ask Parkinson to be a bit more offensive.

The truth is that it is difficult to follow the matches because they almost never broadcast it on TV. However when they are on TV here, I celebrate with my friend Nicolas; we get together and watch the match. We live it with a lot of passion that is characteristic of our country. Some day if I get to travel, we will share this passion that unites us and makes us feel like brothers.

I hope you follow this humble column that will be published every Monday.

Thanks and Vamos Bolton.

Matias Foti


3 thoughts on “Being a South American Wanderer

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  1. Well said, Matias! I only wish my Spanish was as good as your English. Yours is surely an incredible story. I can’t imagine supporting a club from 7000 miles away. But you put some of our so-called fans to shame, when they can’t travel a few miles to support the Wanderers. Many people would agree with you that Parky should be a bit more expansive and attack minded, but we have to cut our cloth accordingly in this difficult financial situation. We got out of League One with a great defensive record and obviously he hopes it will stand us in good stead now in the Championship. I’m sure one day you will taste the atmosphere at the Macron. Let’s hope we are in better shape when you do! Be assured you will get a great welcome!

    Adios mi amigo!


  2. Echo Barney’s comments here. Great to have you on board Matias and Nicolas. This is a lovely piece, and I look forward to many more to come!


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