Kian’s Starting XI for Birmingham

Since the start of the season, Wanderers fans have been sharing what players they feel Phil Parkinson should choose to be in the starting XI. With injuries to the likes of Josh Vela, David Wheater and Filipe Morais, they have been questioning how the team should look.

What I believe would benefit the team would be a 4231 formation – similar to Nicky’s and this is what I’d go with:


Burke Little Beevers Taylor

Karacan Cullen

Morais Wilbraham Buckley



My reasons for this:

Howard: Despite having a somewhat shaky start at Leeds , I still believe he has that little bit more to offer than Alnwick does; he showed this in pre-season. I had a lot of doubts over Alnwick with some notable errors made.

Little: Now this one is debatable. Throughout pre season I’ve had very mixed feelings about Mark Little – whether that was because of fitness or firm, I don’t know. He wouldn’t have got into this starting XI if he wasn’t selected to play Millwall where I thought he had a decent game – better than he’d done in pre season. Stephen Darby is also an option, despite some fans forming strong views after two games. He had some good games in pre-season so give him a chance.

Burke: What a signing he has been so far, Burke has every attribute a defender should have, and with Wheater side-lined for a little while, Burke for me would be a week in week out starting XI player.

Beevers: Without a doubt Beevers will be starting every week, he’s just an all round great player who puts in 100% in every game.

Taylor: With Bolton only having 2 left back as options, Andrew Taylor has been solid ever since he’s become a white. Despite hearing good things about Antonee Robinson at Crewe, Taylor gets the shirt for me.

Karacan and Cullen: Karacan has impressed me since moving to Bolton. I think his passing is beneficial to the team as well as his positioning and dribbling. Cullen on the other hand has been solid in his first two games. He’s very versatile in getting up and down the pitch as shown against Millwall .

Buckley and Morais: Both have shown quality when coming off the bench. Morais’ crossing ability is just pure class and I believe that will be key for us throughout the season. Buckley on the other hand has great dribbling, passing, pace and movement. He could work well in the team with Morais on the other side.

Wilbraham: For me he’d make a great number 10, with his height being a great trait. His hold up play is brilliant and I think he would do well feeding it towards the wingers and attackers.

Madine: Gaz has proven he can score goals. I think he would do well in a one striker formation with suitable players around him like wingers and CAM’s and I think he will get double figures (goal wise) this season – just be patient with him!

By Kian Horrocks


4 thoughts on “Kian’s Starting XI for Birmingham

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  1. Kian, although agreeing with the majority of your selection, there are problems. Let’s face it, most of our first- teamers pick themselves at the moment. Little, if he plays has to be out on the right. My ideal back three would be Wheater, Burke and Beevers. I would probably pick Karacan and Cullen as well. But in our first three games they have both taken too long to get any sort of control over midfield. That’s the worry. I’m not completely convinced about them yet. We haven’t seen enough of them together. But what choice do we have! It’s such a pity that Pratley isn’t enough of a footballer to compete. They need a tall, commanding figure beside them. Someone to mop up! No doubt, he could break up play, but needs to keep it simple like Muamba. Unfortunately, he can’t do that. He has to start being stupid, forgetting about discipline and careering about, falling over and grabbing shirts as well as yellow cards! I agree with Morais and Buckley down the flanks. But can’t see it happening yet. I’ve been a bit surprised that Parky has shied away from playing Buckley so far. However, never in a million years will we see Madine and Wilbraham on the pitch together, unless there is some sort of catastrophe. Just too similar. And Madine’s better.

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  2. Agree about Wilbraham and Madine. Don’t think we’ll ever see them
    play together unless Megson manages us again – in which case Wilbraham certainly won’t be playin as a number 10. Apologies about the Little/Burke mix up – Kian actually had Little down at right back but there’s been a formatting error (probably my fault).


  3. Except for the inclusion of Pratley, an interesting line-up tonight. Good to see Armstrong and Morais in from the start. Let’s hope the former takes his chance. Rather see Derik in midfield than Pratley, but what do we know! Good bench tonight as well.


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