Words from a Wanderers fan in the south of Spain

Sunday 7th April 2012

Bolton 0 – 3 Fulham

Thanks for the send-off boys! The last game I would watch in person before making the big step to move to Spain and try and set up a life abroad. Clint Dempsey’s free kick; Marcos Alonso getting absolutely destroyed at left back are my most salient memories. But hey, at least I had expensive pints of Fosters to take the sting away.

Sunday 30th April 2017

Bolton 3 – 0 Peterborough 

Just over 5 years after leaving I flew in for the day to watch the last game of the season. The entire 5 years I had been away were turbulent to say the least, but the feel good factor was back. People were optimistic again – at long last. What an atmosphere. Things haven’t really been worked out yet behind the scenes. However it seems that Ken is keeping us informed as well as he can; it’s the first step back to the big time.

And that’s where we stand now – 2 games and one point into the new season. Thanks to iFollow I can now watch every league game and I no longer feel as though I’m out in the wilderness. I feel involved again.

Here at Wanderers Station, I’ve been given a great opportunity to write about life as a fan abroad, and I hope to share my memories from my 24 years as a Bolton fan (I can only really remember the early 90s when I was around 8 years old); comparisons of continental football to the English leaguel my current take on things as they are and all else in between. From my time drinking Bovril with my dad on the terraces at Burnden; the first time I saw the Reebok pitch; my time as a ball boy; leading the team out as mascot; Wembley (and Cardiff) joys and heartaches: it’s been a roller-coaster and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Let’s look forward to the new season together. Let’s celebrate, commiserate and most of all moan, because let’s face it, you can’t be a Bolton fan unless you’ve got something to gripe about.

Come on you whites!

By Simon (@originalbrown84)


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