Chat with a fan ft. Leeds_Wanderer

This time round I speak to Liam McMenamin (aka @Leeds_Wanderer)

Why do you support Bolton?

Well, being born in Leeds, my Auntie used to take me to watch Leeds United play when I was younger, but as I grew older I decided to pick my own team to support. I always used to see my brother looking at the Bolton scores on teletext – he supported them because we have family ties with Bolton. So I decided that I would join him and become a Wanderer! Now my allegiance is to the true mighty whites!

What has been your favourite game?

My favourite game of all time has to be our penultimate home game in the 2003/04 season against Leeds United. Not only was it a 4-1 thrashing, but it was also the final nail in the coffin for Leeds United, sending them down to never return again. It felt so good, for obvious reasons.

I also enjoy watching the highlights of the 1958 FA cup final at Old Wembley, where we beat Manchester United 2-0 to win the FA cup. 

Who has been your favourite player of all time?

Well where do I start? We’ve had so many excellent players in our club’s history. However, for me Jay-Jay just edges it. He was such a joy to watch. I don’t think we will ever have the pleasure of having someone like him play for us again.

Lofthouse, Jussi, Nolan & Anelka all deserve a mention too. I could go on all day, as there are many others but I will leave it there.

Out of non-Bolton players, I enjoy watching the likes of Messi, Kane, Bale and Ronaldo play – as many others do!

Prediction for this season?

This season is going to be tough with the embargo still looming over us. Our squad is small and the games come thick and fast. The worry for me, is that injuries could really scupper our chances of survial. It will be a hard grind, but we will survive and finish about 20th I reckon.

I just hope the fans get behind the Chairman, Parky and the players. We have a tough task ahead of us. The only way we will survive is if we stick together. We all know the mess we are still in from the last regime, but I hand on heart believe that Ken is trying to get us back on the right track. It hasn’t been easy so far, and there will be more testing times ahead without a doubt. However with a bit of patience and backing we will get there. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to keep the faith. COYWM!

Many thanks to Liam for his time. Would you like to get involved. Leave a comment down below.


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  1. That last paragraph says it all really. That’s exactly what we need to do, but people are anything but patient. We can all find fault, but must keep faith in Parky and Co to steer us to safety. Having said that, it’s still a worry looking at the bottom of the league table and wondering which teams are actually going to finish below us!


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