Bolton vs Derby: Player Ratings

Bolton Wanderers failed to take a single point at the Macron against a solid Derby County side yesterday.  Here are my player ratings:

Mark Howard – 5

Howard’s positioning was questionable looking back on the goals he conceded. I believe he could have done more to deal with them. Similar mistakes were made when we played Leeds. That said, there were no real clangers.

Dorian Dervite – 5

Last season Dervite was a crucial part of the latter part of our promotion campaign, and so I was excited to see what was to come in the Championship. Despite only seeing games so far I’ve seen the same things over and over again by Dorian: he gets the ball , spends 20 seconds looking for a pass then launches it up field to find an opposition player. This happened time and time again which led to so much wasted possession.

Reece Burke – 6

Not the best performance from the West Ham loanee but not the worst, I’m not going to judge him on this game as I’ve really liked him so far. However, he could have dealt with both goals better.

Mark Beevers – 6

Like Burke, could have done more for both of Derby’s goals. Although Beevers didn’t have his greatest game in the second half he made a couple of tackles to stop Derby from scoring.

Filipe Morais – 6

Not the greatest game from Morais but his crossing lead to some decent chances. His dribbling impressed me today, getting past Derby’s right back the vast majority of the time.

Darren Pratley – 3

During the first five minutes of the game I thought he was onto something, as he won some 50-50 challenges, bringing us possession, but from there his performance went south very quickly. Pratley was poor in possession; his touch was way off; he struggled to get up and down, and offered us nothing going forward. I’m not sure how he managed to start the match, let alone complete 90 minutes!

Jem Karacan- 5

Didn’t do much, a few good passes but then a few bad passes same as with all the midfield. He didn’t create many chances. His first thought was always to pass the ball backwards, which slowed our attacks down and was at times painful to watch.

Josh Cullen – 5

Same as Karacan – he does put in 100% effort but the whole squad’s performance didn’t do him any favours with our teams movement being one of the worst I’ve seen. As with Burke, I still like the look of him and needs better players around him.

Andrew Taylor – 5

Taylor was caught out a number of times in the first half down his side, allowing Derby to deliver some dangerous crosses into our area leading to their two goals. Some sloppy passes and he failed to keep the ball in play at times.

Adam Armstrong – 5 

Didn’t do much. His pace is a positive but no chances were created for him which isn’t his fault, but he could have done more to get into the game.

Gary Madine – 6

Didn’t win much against Derby’s defence. He didn’t help the midfield much but getting a goal may lift his confidence


Alf – 7

Offered a lot more than Armstrong did. His movement was good and he had a few chances. I want him starting games.

Buckley – 7

I really like Buckley and I thought he changed the game with his movement and dribbling, but that only lasted 10 minutes with Andrew Taylor coming off making Parky moving Buckley to wing back.

Wilbraham – N/A

Not enough time to judge by a rating but during the time he was on the pitch he won everything in the air and created some chances.

How do you think the players did? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

by Kian Horrocks


4 thoughts on “Bolton vs Derby: Player Ratings

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  1. I think your evaluation of each player is spot on. I totally agree about our mid-field. Forget Pratley, he is out of his depth and Parky refuses to see it. Karacan is a bit of a disappointment at the moment. I hope he has it in him to get up to speed. But, he may be another who is just out of his class. Cullen was everywhere. He tackled very well, and gave everything for the cause. But as you suggest, there is no movement for him. He looks frustrated. We have had this problem for a while now. Spearing seemed to have similar trouble with little or no support when in possession. I find it really aggravating watching the opposition pass themselves silly and as you say, people like Dervite takes two touches, looks up and lobs it to the opposition. Derby’s centre-backs were far too cute for that, and too talented to let those high balls to Madine create any problems. But, let’s face it, they were/are international players. It seems obvious to me that we need to play with wingers. Look at the difference when Buckley came on. Give the ball to them, let them take the full-backs on and deliver good crosses into the box. How else are Alfie or Armstrong ever going to score, if we don’t! We won’t stay in this league long by being all defensive, getting draws (if we’re lucky) and hoping for a break. We won’t get many of those, I’m afraid!

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    1. Thanks for the kind comments about my rating and I would totally agree with what your saying there / no creativity and movement , stupid passes ,frightened of shooting. I don’t think this formation is anywhere near up to standard for us and it’s showed so far and we need to act upon it quickly before more games come


  2. Just imagine if we still had Spearing, and Ameobi and Vela were fit. 4-4-2 with the obvious defenders at the back, Vela and Spearing in the middle Buckley and Morais out wide. I reckon Karacan has it in him to do well at this level – his record suggests so.


  3. It’s been suggested elsewhere that Parky isn’t stupid and chooses to play 3-5-2 because he knows this squad would be overrun playing in a more conventional 4-4-2. I just can’t see that’s true. A back four with Derik or Burke playing in front, could be just the ticket! Isn’t attack the best form of defence? We have to give wingers a try. Getting Vela and Ameobi back as soon as possible, will give everyone a huge fillip. Hopefully, we will be more expansive, once they are on board.


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