Watch this space

Hello. Evening. I’m sure you’ve seen today’s news. If not, go check the news.

I know as little as you do about the current and future position of the club, and I’m not going to speculate about what’s coming next. That’s wrong.

What I will say is this: Phil Parkinson and his team worked wonders last year. They were meticulous with every last detail to get our team back up, and they did so under difficult circumstances. It would be a huge shame if this was thrown away.

I will also say that it is a huge shame that Dean Holdsworth’s position has to come this. I know there are many who think he saw this purely as an opportunity to make money. While I’m not Dean Holdsworth, and it would be pretty weird if I could tell exactly what was going on his head, I genuinely believe that he took the action he did because he thought that it was in the best interests of the club. I don’t believe he was just in it for the money. Lots of hard work went into this from his side, and it would appear that history won’t remember him for that, but other things.

Obviously I don’t blame fans who are angered by the his involvement in the whole process. I can understand why some may vilify him. However, no one knows the whole story – bar maybe him and the Andersons.

Let’s just hope for a speedy resolution to proceedings, and that we can start talking about football again. I know it’s been said far too often.


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