Where’s the boat headed?

I am Nicolás, a friend of Matias, and the other half of Bwfc_Latam. This week it was my turn to write the column.

This boat named Bolton Wanderers, with its captain Phil Parkinson, seems to have been struggling to find its way since it began a new adventure in the Championship.

Since this voyage has begun, he has already played five games, in which he has only won one game – which was in the cup against a lower league team. We have had two draws that left more doubts than certainties and two defeats. The first was in the first game against Leeds. We knew it would be a difficult game, but the team kept kept us in the game, making us hope we could get something out of it and showed us that this season can give fight. However, the last meeting where we were defeated by Derby County 2-1, left us very worried, especially for the lack of a clear game plan.

In my opinion, it is too early to ask for Parkinson’s resignation and it would be an unwise decision. Although I think it is right that he rethink the style of play he wants to impose on the team. Although in the transfer market Bolton have been limited in their search of players, he has enough equipment to realise a good season and I believe it could even be good enough to make the playoffs.

As the season progresses, we will be able to know if the boat (team) can find its way or end up lost in the murky waters at the bottom of the table.

By Nicolàs (@Bwfc_Latam)


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  1. Nicolas, if you think it’s bad from 7000 miles away, you want to see it from our perspective. No, we can’t sack our manager, there’s not really anyone better that we can afford. He’s done an excellent job so far. He is a pragmatist and that’s probably what we need right now. You are correct to mention the embargo and lack of finances. They are an immense problem that doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. How the demise of Dean Holdsworth will affect us now doesn’t bear thinking about. I only hope that Ken Anderson is able to buy his shares from Blumarble. Knowing him, at a knock-down price. You say that Parky has ‘enough equipment’ to make a fist of staying up. Time will tell, on that one. But most fans seem to be of the opinion, that playing three at the back at home, is taking pragmatism a stretch too far. Attacking-wise it puts you at a disadvantage. Judging by Saturday’s performance, we are still short of Championship-level talent in critical areas. However, let’s see what tomorrow night brings in terms of formation and selection.


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