Keyboard Warriors are killing the Wanderers 

I’m a positive person when it comes to sports. A few short weeks ago the positivity around the club was glowing. A successful season in League One gave the Bolton faithful optimism in abundance. Now a couple of weeks later we’re seeing flashbacks to our ill-fated Championship campaign of two years prior.

I’m always that person, looking forward to the next game rather than dwelling on defeat. But already I’m seeing the same thing again. Two years ago, every week, “it’s OK, they’ll turn it around”. “One good win will put us back on track”. And this year, already, I feel I’m saying the same.

I understand that we’re under an embargo. It’s a huge challenge in arguably the toughest league in the world. Parky worked wonders last year and just climbing out of the third tier at the first attempt was nothing short of sensational. At the start of the season I said cheerfully “I’ll be happy if we just survive relegation, as long as we don’t struggle doing so”.

The reason for this post is simple. Social media. It gives any armchair fan a voice. Even if from that voice resembles that of the back end of a male cow. The comments I’m reading already from so called fans are ridiculous, hysterical and, sometimes, downright absurd.

Times are bleak. BluMarble liquidating, investors not being able to prove they can invest, Ken doing the best he can to keep us afloat, injuries and Pratley. We aren’t the team we were 12 years ago. Far from it. But these fans forget this. A lot of them weren’t alive the last time we were outside of the top tier.

I’ve seen posts for Parky out. I’ve seen statuses saying relegate us now. I’ve seen people begging former players on Twitter to come back to the club. One guy even suggested selling the entire first team and letting the scholars play the season.

And all this has left little, positive old me positively rattled. Even to the point where I’d paid €6  for the Hull game on ifollow, only to be too busy at work to watch it, and take my frustration out on the team, blaming their poor form as if it had an effect on my life here in Spain. And that’s where I needed to shake off the negatives.

Let’s look at the positives, shall we? A good battle against a strong Leeds side. Two positive draws away from home. Giving a strong Championship side a cup kicking (except the last 15 mins). It’s there. It just needs to show before it’s too late. At this stage two wins catapult us to a comfortable mid table spot. We have good players due to return from injury. We have an honest talking manager who is the first to accept fault, and we have an amazing fanbase. We just need to get behind the team before the heads go down.

Hopefully the off field wrangles can be ironed out quickly, and if PP can find a plan B as well as managing to muster the words “you’re dropped” to a certain lumbering captain, I’m certain that our fortunes will change.

My purple shirt is on the way and you better believe I will wear that proudly here any chance I get. I’ve just got to stop reading the Facebook replies and remain my usual upbeat, positive self.

Keep the faith. Come on you whites!

Simon (@originalbrown84)


3 thoughts on “Keyboard Warriors are killing the Wanderers 

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  1. Simon, when it comes to Bolton’s fortunes, hope springs eternal. As true fans, with every match, we hope the corner will be turned and we’ll get a first win. However, I’m afraid the club lacks the necessary talent as we stand, to get us out of the bottom three. Admittedly, we have played some of the top teams during August, and wouldn’t expect much success. But the way we folded against both Derby and Hull was ominous. Shades of two years ago. We will need real characters in the side. Eleven Wheater’s. Obviously, Vela and Ameobi will make a considerable difference when they return. But, the die may be cast by then. Only Parky knows why we don’t see the likes of Derik starting matches. Certainly, the eleven that faced Sheffield in the cup, looked a different side to the ‘league team’. There was much more attacking play at speed. Derik had a good game as did Robinson and Little. I think we need a back four with Derik or Burke playing in front. I also wish we could find a better goalie, but there’s no chance of that. I will never understand this idea that players are exhausted playing twice in one week occasionally. Parky wouldn’t chance Derik at Hull and wished he hadn’t chosen Buckley. God help us if fit young pros get so tired. Why not start with them at least and see how it goes. I hope Ameobi and Karacan are fit after the break, because we just have to pick up some points. Remember, Blackburn went down last season with 51 points…….Depressing or what!!


  2. It’s being suggested that Bolton may sign Cardiff winger Craig Noone tomorrow. I, for one have always been an admirer. Whenever he has played at the Macron, he has stood out as a dangerous player. Someone who makes things happen in and around the box. I presume he is an out and out winger, and would have preferred us to have signed an attacking midfield player. With his all-round talent, maybe that’s just what he will turn out to be. Who knows! But at the moment, in our predicament, I think Parky has done well, if this comes off. I now wonder whether Ameobi is going to play through the middle more on his return. I’d be glad to see that as well! He could create havoc! At least he and Vela will have a dig at goal from distance. Something few others seem capable of or even interested in trying once in a while. I’m not counting Pratley here, because his efforts end up in row Z………Or go for a throw in!


    1. Well with the good news as well today that Ken Anderson owns 95% of the club now, the stability and a couple of new faces could give us a little morale boost


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