How BWFC Latam is run

Nicolas here. Unfortunately at  we were unable to watch the team this weekend we, who hoped to recover from a bad period.

That’s why I’m going to dedicate this column to how we run our  account – the backstage of our dream. When Matías came up with the idea of ​​starting the account, I honestly was not sure it could work, but I was wrong. At first, we had to decide what the content of the account would be.

The first tweets that we published gave us the feeling that we were talking alone, we hardly had any followers. Luckily, we can say that today this does not happen anymore – instead we feel closer and closer to the city of Bolton. Currently, the operation of the account is divided into two parts. Jokingly, we like to say that these are the Network Department and the Design Department.

In charge of the former is Matías, who writes the tweets that you see during the week in our account. In the beginning, we both shared this task, but my friend knew how to excel in it. In some team matches, he is busy and asks me to take over the tweets. You will realise that English is less my forte than his – so the mistakes are usually me. With the passage of time Matías was learning to faithfully transmit our passion for the team. I tell him that he is the captain of this ship.

My task in the “Design Department” is to create the images, videos and gif that we publish for the days of matches or events that merit it. I am not a specialist in this task nor study for it, but my hobby is computer science and thanks to the work I do for the account I have learned a lot over this period I try to surpass myself to be able to appear as professional as possible. Matías and I live in the same neighborhood, a few streets away from each other. Almost every week we meet, but when we are not together and we need to talk about the account we use our WhatsApp group, which has only two members: both of us.

Every time we remember this detail we get a lot of laugh. Although we sometimes disagree on some things, our friendship and love for Bolton helps us move forward.

Finally, I want to take advantage of this space to ask them to send good wishes to Matías, since his uncle who is like a father to him is trying to recover from a heart operation.

by Nicolas Alvarez


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  1. Good to hear from you again, Nicolas. If Matias is better at writing in English than you, he must be brilliant! Believe me you are already superior to many of us. At least you can spell correctly? Well done! As for ‘tweets’ and computer science, as an elderly bloke, the mysteries of modern technology pass me by. I can’t say it bothers me, but we can be the butt of cruel jokes from you young people. In my case grandchildren. Let’s hope that when the Wanderers next take the field on Saturday, they get a good result. Remember, they are playing Middlesbrough, who have just spent about £30million on three forwards. Whereas, we have spent nothing on anyone! Doesn’t seem fair, does it! Nevertheless, stay tuned and support the lads from afar. And remember, one day you will be here on the Macron terraces supporting them in person. Hopefully, they will be playing in the Premier League by then.

    Best wishes to Matias’ uncle for a speedy recovery.


  2. All the best to Matias’ uncle. Always enjoyed your tweets and graphics – keep up the terrific work, and I look forward to seeing you at the Macron soon!


  3. Nicolas, are you aware that Bolton Wanderers maybe about to sign a South American veteran footballer. No other than Julio Baptista. He is almost 36 years of age. Unbelievable! It’s a bit of a stretch to say that he has had an illustrious career. I think Sevilla was his greatest moment. But, I find it hard to understand that Parkinson is really considering this move. The lad should be retired by now, in fact he hasn’t played seriously since last autumn, when he was released from the American League. For me, not a good idea. We have four strikers, probably all better than him in our game. Let’s wait for a good defensive midfielder to come along, when the EFL allow us more lee-way player-wise. I have an irrational feeling that Spearing is waiting in the wings for this to happen and he will resign on bigger wages.


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