More thoughts from Argentina

So Phil Parkinson says we created a lot of chances and the result could well have been different. Yes, he may be right. But we lost again and we could not score a goal, and at no time I hear self-criticism from our manager.

I know I’m on the other side of the world and maybe I cannot go to Bolton every weekend, I’d love to do it. I would move to Bolton if I had the chance. Buy my season ticket and go walking to Macron Stadium and feel what it’s like to live as a local Wanderer.

I still have not been able to work out “iFollow” but after the games I look at the extended highlights of 10 minutes where I can see all situations of all goals. In the last match there was only one of Gary Madine hitting it over the crossbar (obviously with a 30-meter shot). Then to Parky says “we created a lot of chances”? It’s incredible. The last game we played decently was Sheffield Wednesday for me in the Carabao Cup. Don’t you think I have something against Parkimson especially as I say I am always eternally grateful, but I listen to his statements and I cannot believe it.

Among so much bad news this last week appeared some great news that we waited 630 days for. The embargo is lifted, the great work of Ken Anderson bears fruit and finally this hell has ended that we have lived these last years for how bad it had been administered our beloved club. It gives us a little hope for the winter market although we do not go crazy that we can not stumble with the same stone twice. Let’s be smart.

Little by little, the Bolton Wanderers returns to what it was a few years ago. Mainly putting the financials of the club in order and then transferring it to the sport, obviously takes a while, but while it takes place we must not fall again and at least maintain the category to plan something more ambitious next season.

By Matias Foti


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  1. It must be a little more than frustrating to be 7000 miles away from the Macron action. But it is equally frustrating to live here and actually witness some of the football on offer. You have a good idea about how things are shaping up and how the manager hypes up the team after each loss. He doesn’t want their heads to drop, so early in the season. We all hope that the first win will galvanise everyone and we can move up the table. But, even when that win comes along, there’s nothing to say we will pick up many more points. It is going to be a long process, getting back to winning on a regular basis. And it’s going to need a lot of investment and some of the young kids to come through. But we will get there in the end. Just be patient!


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