View from Argentina: Goals…

Unfortunately I have to write another column about yet another Bolton defeat. Even more regrettable and very worrying is the lack of goals because, as we know, the aim of football is to score goals.

We started this season knowing that our team was at a disadvantage compared to the rest. The fixtures put us at the beginning of the road to difficult teams, but I was confident that with effort we would be able to obtain good results. Our players showed last season that they could be effective and win ugly. We can suffer from gambling problems and try out a defensive formation that is no longer as effective as in the past, but having six games without scoring a goal is something that deserves an analysis (and we should include the number of goals we receive in each party, but deserves a separate column).

As it is known, our geographic location does not allow us to see the complete matches, as we would like, but the summaries on the Youtube channel of the club and the comments we read on Twitter give us an idea of what happens with the lack of goals. I do not think this is a problem in our forwards: Madine, Le Fondre and Armstrong showed that they know how to play. We could delegate this problem to bad luck, because in every game there are opportunities to score, but in quantity there is the problem and if we put the pieces together we get to the problem. The formation.

It’s time for our master technician, Parkinson, to leave behind the idea of playing with five defenders and change for a more offensive approach that accompanied the work of our forwards, so they can do their job that is turning goals.

We are still in time to reverse this situation, but if we continue to add losses, the margin will be narrowing. We have material to do it.

Nicolas Alvarez


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  1. Maybe ‘pragmatist’ would be a better description of Parky, than ‘ master technician’. He’s got a helluva job on his hands here. We would all like to see more attacking impetus, but have we got the players to produce the goods. And that means goals! Parky is defence oriented and sets his teams up to defend and hit on the break. He likes to get the ball up to Madine quickly, and create from there. Great in League One, where this worked well at times. Not so clever in the Championship, where we have multi-million pound footballers up front and in defence. They know what they are doing most of the time. What we need is an injection of new blood from our owner Mr. Anderson. Real talent, and that costs money. We have needed a proper striker for years. By that, I mean one who actually scores goals. If Anderson is not forth-coming, I fear we will drop back down. Parky is pinning his hopes on the likes of Vela, Ameobi and Henry pulling everyone through when fit. It may be a false hope. We shall see.


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