What is going on at the Wanderers? 

Today’s news provoked a reaction from many fans, and Bolton media peeps alike. The club’s for sale, no its not, yes it is…. Now it’s not again.

Mr Anderson, who has promised us full transparency, has left us all confused as to what the plan is. It all started a couple of weeks ago. A leaked document doing the rounds, showcasing what £25 million will get you if you choose to purchase our famous club.

A few days later, in one of his now, nearly twice-weekly, weekly columns stated that he never authorised any company to produce such a document and the club was not up for sale. Strange… Anyway, events on the pitch were as much of a distraction, still no league wins and the team were floundering.

Then, not long after this announcement, came an announcement that he was, indeed, in contact with two separate parties, but the club was only for sale to suitors who could provide proof of financial backing and who shared a vision for the future. Lost yet?

Well today the announcement comes that, because of constant social, local and national media speculation, he’s shit his preverbial trousers. Nixed any negotiations currently on the table and now the club is NOT for sale.

If this guy was French, his name would be Felipe Filop because he can’t make up his damn mind. I don’t want to speculate what’s going on but my thoughts are shifting from him wanting to save the club, to him wanting to make some quick cash. Yes, he’s done a lot of good, but there’s a massive stench of fish seeping out of the backroom and nobody knows what it is….

That’s not including his son who, having blocked me on Ttwitter for bringing up the fact they were both on a yacht in Monaco, when the club were facing a winding up petition in court, wanted to get Baptista in to line his pockets and constantly flaunts his position. But he clearly doesn’t own a mirror with all that cash because, that hair… Oof.

And finally, ol’Anderson, claiming he doesn’t listen to historical stats, then quotes, historically, the average points needed to avoid relegation, mentioning in his notes that it was his pre match pep talk that brought the best out of the boys for the first victory of the season against Sheffield Wednesday. However, swiftly covering his tracks, saying that he’s not that kind of owner in case we lose the next game so the blames not on him.

I don’t know. It may seem like a rant. I don’t know what it is, I’m as confused as anybody. But I would like clarification soon, because it seems to me that for the good they’ve done, this just seems like a way to make a fast few million and enjoy the status while they’re here for the ride.

Please, everyone share your thoughts, because mine are that the Andersons have a lot of questions to answer.

by Simon Brown



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