Don’t Write Us Off

The majority of the people thought we were certain to go down, that the descent was already inevitable before playing the first game. Building a squad with mere pennies was no doubt difficult task for Phil Parkinson. However, in each game, the players have given 100% to be able to pick up points. Today with two consecutive victories we are out of relegation places, so those who said that we had a place insured in League 1 again are going to have to wait.

Honestly, I do not like Parky’s style of play, if he has a style… I still do not understand why the last 15 minutes we just stop attacking and we put all our players in our field to defend. We lost too many points as a result (think Fulham, Sunderland, Reading, QPR, etc) and other times we could get the three points but what divides the win of the draw is a very thin line that all matches suffer. On the other hand I must admit that Phil makes a huge sacrifice and it shows that he feels a true passion for his work and that is something that I will not discuss simply I think we have good players to try something more ambitious.

The arrival of Karl Henry in the midfield, generated a pairing with Pratley that improved the functioning of the team, we were always waiting for a center forward who is a scorer and many said that this division was too much for him, but it showed that it is a real machine, Gary Madine. Mark Little also began to perform better in this last time and it is a great relief for the external sector.

Arriving at the middle of the season we can see that the balance is quite positive and without the damn embargo and with the team outside the relegation posts hopefully the positive streak extends for a long time and stop thinking about that red zone.

A new year begins and it is impossible not to dream about that possible trip from Buenos Aires to Bolton, obviously we will try and I can tell you that I always dream of arriving and visiting the Macron. Hopefully we have the possibility this year because we do not spend Christmas there in Bolton, do we?

By Matias Foti @BWFC_Latam


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