A new stadium name

So, one of pre-season’s big non-footballing announcements has finally been made. Wanderers will be playing their football at the University of Bolton Stadium. Here’s what Uncle Ken had to say:

“We are extremely proud of this strategic long-term partnership with the University of Bolton.

“Like us, they are at the heart of the community and play a vital role in flying the flag for our great town.

“We will be honoured to display their brand on our stadium which will help them reach out to a wider audience.”

The partnership looks to be rather wider than just a stadium name, with access to the university’s sports science facilities being granted to the club as part of the deal. Meanwhile, UoB gain by 1) having their name mentioned a lot and 2) allowing their students to work with the club.

While this deal may be mocked by the incredible fans of Football League titans Bradford City and Wigan Athletic, because we’re working with an institution within our community (I know, really, really funny right?), it looks to me to be a mutually beneficial deal with for both parties.

So, here’s looking forward to what will hopefully be a long and fruitful partnership!

Leave your thoughts on the new deal below.

PS Everton have now announced the signing of left back Lucas Digne. @Antonee Robinson, you know what to do…


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