Football’s Coming Home (to the UoB Stadium)

What a summer it’s been. World cup thrills, heatwaves and Lee Anderson’s emojis.

We’re back here at Wanderers Station, looking forward to another year in the turbulent life of Bolton Wanderers. Big shout out to Nicky and the excellent work he’s doing behind the scenes to gear us up for another year of our opinions, your debates and who knows what else. After the end of last season, ANYTHING can happen!

Watching the World Cup here at my home in Spain was an incredible ride. England did us proud despite how everybody thinks that we had an easy ride. If you’d said at the start that I’d have been watching them in a World Cup semi-final, I’d have bitten your hand clean off. The only downside being, Bolton didn’t have any representatives for the first time in many years (although Rodrigo Moreno did get us a shoutout when he came on as a sub for Spain).

But, that’s done now and we must focus on this coming Saturday when the Whites travel to Premier League dropouts West Brom.

Its been a rocky summer. After the elation of staying up in the last minutes of the last game, optimism was high. The club were stable, there was the potential to actually buy players and Big Phil could get a proper pre-season under his belt. As usual, it didnt quite pan out that way. More pay disputes, backroom blunders and catering catastrophes followed.

It hasn’t been the worst summer in terms of transfers. Olkowski, Otzumer and Wildschut look exciting, a couple of big strikers have joined and we actually paid for one of them! However, the squad is still thin on the ground. Center midfield still looks weak, center backs are aging and hardly the most rapid, and Andrew Taylor is our first choice left back as I type this (hoping that now Everton have signed Digne we can see a Return of the Jedi – how long until we get sick of this pun?). 3 days until the kick off, and 8 until the transfer deadline, I still have worries. I’m sure a couple more faces will join, but we can’t afford a repeat of the start of last year.

A bonus for me over here in Sunny Spain is the continuation of iFollow, which allows me to watch every game online. This has been expanded to the UK this year for midweek games only, as long as they are not broadcast on Sky. Keep your eyes peeled for some (possibly inebriated) live tweeting of games on our twitter account @WandererStation.

I, for one, always roll into a season full of optimism. The saying is true, its a funny old game. Team spirit plays a huge part and a win or two early on can set the tone of the season. Big derbys against our Lancashire rivals Wigan and Blackburn are to come which we sorely missed last year.

Anyway, lets be loud, lets be pr….oh wait… no. That’s Kens thing.

Lets do this thing, COME ON YOU WHITES!

Simon @originalbrown84


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