Oh Parky, Parky

Imagine taking Colchester United to the Championship.

Imagine taking Bradford City to the Capital One Cup Final.

Imagine beating Chelsea 4-2 at Stamford Bridge… with Bradford.

Imagine taking Bolton to the Championship with a transfer embargo, and keeping them up having mustered two points from the first 11 games of the season.

Say what you want about Phil Parkinson – call him boring, negative, dogmatic…

However, in football you make your own luck. There’s a reason Phil Parkinson has achieved so much with the odds stacked against him. Clearly, he along with his coaches are getting something right.

We can’t ignore the impact that his coaches have made. It can be no coincidence that ever since Lee Butler joined the club as our goalkeeper coach our ‘keepers have been solid. It can be no coincidence that ever since Nick Allamby joined as our fitness coach our teams have looked leaner and sharper than ever before – just look at the transformation of David Wheater since the arrival of the former Bradford City coach. Our defence has been brilliantly organised ever since the arrival of Steve Parkin, assistant manager.

Phil Parkinson and his team are clearly able to get the best out of players. The underdog title is something that Parky has relished throughout his career. While he’s building a good reputation for himself as a manager, he’s an unassuming, calm and generally unspectacular media performer.

After years of drama and turmoil featuring passionate characters in the dugout who impressed at first such as Owen Coyle and Neil Lennon, steady, soft-spoken Phil is just what we need.

Pundits, local journalists and football fans have all written us off. They think we’re going back down to League 1. However, they thought that last year, and Parky proved them wrong. And going off yesterday’s performance, despite the odds still stacked against him, I’m backing Parky to prove people wrong yet again. He’s assembled a squad of fantastic characters who clearly love him (the topic of an upcoming article… stay tuned) and his Wanderers are ready to roar.



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