Fans’ guide: How to survive this season

Football is a game full of extreme emotions. The lows we suffer such as watching a flailing Adam Bogdan knocked into his own net by Wanderers reject Jonathan Walters are matched by the triumphant highs – watching Kevin Davies whack the ball past Oliver Kahn, or indeed watching Aaron Wilbraham stoop to guide the ball home against Nottingham Forest.

As such, fans like to air their frustrations and joys, wearing their passion for the club on their chests proudly.

We’ve started the season brilliantly. We won away from home against one of the favourites for promotion with outstanding performances from some of our new players. Our squad is starting to look competitive at this level; although we may be a few signings short, it looks like we will get there. However, during the rollercoaster of a season that I believe is coming ahead, emotions will run wild – that’s football.

As fan engagement on social media has grown, everyone is an ‘expert’. The fact that a random guy from London is writing this blogpost now is an illustration of that. ‘Experts’ have opinions – opinions on players, managers, chairmen (and their sons)… and the only way to survive this season, and keep your sanity is to take everything with a pinch of salt and remember the bigger picture.

As I said, we won against West Brom. Great. Josh Magennis is the new Brazilian Ronaldo. Olkowski is Cafu. Gary O’Neil is Pirlo. Great stuff. What a season we have ahead of ourselves.

However, it just takes one bad performance for all of that to change.

In no time at all, I’m sure fans will be criticising Magennis – they’ll be saying he’s not good enough on the ball. Maybe he’s more suited to the other sport they now play at the UniBol… Rugby League. Maybe Salford need a new second row?

But wait, what’s next? WOW he scores a last minute winner against Wigan! Josh Magennis is BETTER than Brazilian Ronaldo. Andrew Taylor had a good game, wow I take everything back, he’s actually lightning quick. Luke Murphy? Where’s his England callup??

My point is, I think we’re patching together a competitive squad. I think our new signings have improved the squad, and I’m excited to see what this season will bring. We played well, this is a good sign. However, when we play badly – and there will be poor performances to come as it’s a long old season – let’s not trash our players.

Supporting football is fun. Getting carried away is fun. It’s all part of supporting a team like Bolton. However, if you want to stay sane, keep everything in perspective.


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