Transfer Deadline Day – Nothing to see here…

Well, the excitement of the transfer window is over and if you’re a Bolton fan it was a quiet day full of nothingness…

Losing out on our main target to Wigan was the days big story. The pie eaters got held to ransom for Garner but they coughed up the dough, I really can’t see why we were hell bent on a striker when we are dangerously understaffed at the back.

Of course the loan window is still open, but unless we recruit players on a loan to buy option, then we face the same problems next year, with the bulk of our players in the last 12 months of their contracts.

I don’t know if Ken was just talking a big game with news of bids here and there and then covering his backside by saying we won’t pay over the odds of our valuations. It’s easy to offer 50p and a crisp wrapper and then say we did all we could. Was it all a plot to get people excited about buying season tickets? Or was it just that, a valiant effort that fell short. We will never know. 10 new faces came in over the summer and there was some shrewd business with some of the new recruits.

The midfield looks much better than last year. Against West Brom we looked like we could mix it up with our usual long ball but also get it down and play around and down the wings, which is a promising sign. I just worry that an injury or two could have a dramatic effect, especially at the back.

Theres still a few weeks left for loans though so it’s not over yet. Tomorrow we host Bristol City at the UniBol and we’ll get to see if last Saturday was a fluke or if we are as fantastic as we looked.

It’s a long season yet and we’re only just beginning.

Simon Brown (@originalbrown84)


One thought on “Transfer Deadline Day – Nothing to see here…

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  1. I do reckon Ken genuinely believed that he’d bring in the three or so signings… looks like we may still get them but they’ll have to be loan deals. Stockdale would be great as a backup GK, new left back needs pace, and a new midfield enforcer would be good too…. I’d also like to spend our last remaining loan on another backup CB


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