Let’s put things into perspective

Sure, today was pretty horrendous. We lost 3-0 on our home turf. To make things worse, this was against Chris Wilder’s Sheffield United.

By all means analyse and slate the performance. We were dominated and made it much too easy for them to win the game.

Like all fans, I’m ambitious for out great club, and I want us to do as well as we possibly can. Therefore, we we play badly and lose it’s very fair to be disappointed and think about the bad mistakes we made and what we need to do better next time. I get that fans pay their hard earned money to go these games and they have every right to be angry about a bad performance and a bad loss.

The reality is that the way we play relies on really solid foundations. We need to rely on our ability to soak up the other team’s possession, be industrious and watertight at the back, and then hope to hit them on the break or through set plays.

Good performances this season which we’ve praised have seen us with very low shares of possession c.30%. And given the way we play football, that’s okay; we can deal with that. However, if we are going to play like that, then we have to be completely disciplined and switched on at all times. We also need more bite in midfield to ensure that we can actually get our attacking players involved.

Sure, we can try not to concede, but we need to do more in the final third. How to do that? Well we need to actually get into the final third and make things happen – we have the quality now.

However, our solid foundations at the back and flair up front, despite having not shone against the Blades, have proven to be good assets so far this season. You make your own luck, and there’s a reason why we’ve got 10 points from 5 games.

People are blasting the likes of Jason Lowe calling him not up to it. Sure, he didn’t have his best game, but what a signing he’s been so far.

We’ve started reasonably well; our squad is still gelling together. We’ve got more to work with this season and we’ve got more points on the board too.

Let’s think about what we woulda/coulda/shoulda done today for sure. Let’s be angry about today’s performance. But let’s also put things into perspective. We have good players; we have a good manager; we’ve started well this season.

I’ll leave you with this.


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