Season’s over Boys. Pack it up, it’s home time.

Or is it?

I’ve seen some ridiculous comments on social media today. Yes, it was a very poor show and we were rolled over comfortably… But it’s one result, and that doesn’t define a season.

10 points from 15. If I’d said that to you at the start of the year, wouldn’t you have taken it without question? What we need to do now is look at how we perform down at Deepdale.

Today was a shambles. Completely destroyed by an exciting Sheffield United outfit who started brightly and didn’t stop. Wednesday wasn’t great either but the defensive display was strong. The marking was shocking this afternoon, and that gave the Blades huge opportunities.

It’s far from over though. We should look at this game to learn from our frailties. The defence had an off day, however, previously they have been solid. A balance needs sought in midfield between attack and defence because they were far too deep and Magennis had no support.

Too much had been focused on Ameobi. They had 3 guys on him at all times but we insisted on attacking through him. Buckley was uninspiring and Big Josh was hard working without results.

A few things I’d like to see at Preston.

1. Otzumer in the No. 10 role for Murphy or Lowe, and drop Vela deeper. Get the ball on the ground and let him play.

2. Switch wings during the game. I feel today like if we switched Buckley and Sammy, it would have thrown Sheffield United a curveball and would have also been interesting to see how they dealt with the swap.

3. Noone for Buckley. I don’t get why Will is in over Craig right now. The ex-Cardiff star is showing his form and looks dangerous. Yes Wildschut has been great too but his end product (not his goals, rather his passing/crosses) have been lacking.

4. Hobbs for Beevers. I like Mark. I like him a lot, but he’s very one dimensional and always looking for the hoof ball rather than a player to feet.

Anyway, I watched the game at work and I’ve mulled it over with a gin or 3 and that’s just my view, I don’t work with these guys day in, day out. But, if you were offered another 10 points in the next 5 games…. Would it be so bad? Stop moaning until they give you something to really moan about. Think where we were this time last season. Then go have a pint, go to bed and wake up Sunday with the realisation that it’s not so bad. It’s not bad at all.



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