Josh Vela. Why all the hate?

It seems as though Wanderers fans have a new scapegoat. This comes in the form of Josh Vela.

A poor performance from the midfield has been directed at neither Lowe or Murphy, rather the product of our own academy. But why?

It’s hard to give a comment on Vela’s history given his variety of positions, but there was a brief moment where we can look at his talents. Many have commented on him and his best position, but we already know what that is…

Look at the first half of our brief League 1 campaign. Clough playing the No. 10 role with Vela behind in midfield playing a box to box role, and Pratley holding. That’s the spot.

We have the opportunity to do this again this year. I don’t know if Parky will see it, but with Otzumer coming in we can play a midfield 3 with Lowe holding, Vela’s energy box to box and Otzumer linking the midfield to attack.

Maybe I’m dreaming but maybe this could work. This would require huge energy from the wingers to drop in and full backs to step up and cover, but do you remember Clough and Vela linking and slicing through defences? That could be Otzumer and Vela.

Don’t hate on Josh, and don’t look for the fast buck to sell and replace. Because he WILL come back and bite us in the arse, bigger than some of the others who slipped through the net.



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