Adam Le Fondre | The Exclusive Interview

Two weeks ago, Wanderers fans were shocked when half way through our cup defeat at Elland Road, it was announced that Adam Le Fondre would be leaving the club. A new challenge awaited, as Sydney FC came calling with a fantastic opportunity for the popular striker.

A few days ago, Liam from Bolton Nuts presented me with the incredible opportunity of interviewing Le Fondre on his time at Bolton and life after BL6.

We started off by asking ALF if he had recovered yet from his 24 hour flight and acclimatised yet to being in glorious sunny Sydney.

“To be fair the transition has been real easy! Of course everyone talks about jet lag but I can safely say I hardly struggled with it! It’s always nice to go somewhere and fit in straight away and I feel like I have done so here!”

Talking of fitting in straight away, it didn’t take long for Le Fondre to make an impact at Bolton. The former Reading striker became a huge fans’ favourite with the Wanderers supporters, and even had his own chant. I asked Adam if he ever imagined he’d make such a big mark at Bolton when he had first signed.

“I would lying if said I expected that to happen” said Alfie, “but I always believed in my ability to score goals regularly, which obviously endears you to fans more! The fans were unbelievable with me!”

We then discussed his time as a member of the Wanderers squad, beginning with on the pitch matters: his favourite strike partner.

“In my first spell Cloughy and I had a great understanding and partnership which flourished. However when I came back and played with big Gaz I enjoyed that as a typical big man little man combo! If pushed for an answer I would say Cloughy, we just seemed to click with everything when we played together in training or games!”

Then onto off the pitch matters: the best and worst banter in the dressing rooms…

“Wheats – the worst banter and gear. Terrible effort! The best banter was Jem until he left! To be fair there’s a great group of lads there!!”

During just a few years of association with Bolton Wanderers, Adam has been a part of some incredible achievements. However, one in particular trumps the rest.

“I think staying up on the day tops promotion. Everyone had us relegated after Burton but we stuck in there and did it in some fashion! An amazing day I got share with my family – it was unreal!”

In response to being asked whether he might make a fourth return to Bolton, in either a playing or non-playing capacity, Le Fondre replied “never say never in football! Who knows?”

Finally, ALF left a message to the Wanderers fans, saying “I just to thank them for their unwavering support for me throughout my time there! Great bunch apart from Wes!”

So there you have it. I’m sure you can all join me in thanking Adam for his time here and service as a Wanderers player. No matter what the circumstances, it was clear that he always gave his all for the club, and was a real hero for us on many occasions. We wish Adam and his family all the very best for their new life in Australia.

I’d like to also thank Liam and the team at Bolton Nuts for setting up this interview.


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