Match Preview – BWFC vs QPR “The how do you even write a preview after this week edition”

Ok, where to start. We’ve been relatively quiet on Wanderers Station this week, but that’s because we both have work. Apologies for that. Thinking an international break would be some respite and allow us to recharge was different from what actually transpired.

I really don’t know where to start… Do I just do a match Preview or do I do a review of the past week, or both?

I feel like I’m writing this differently from how I normally would, purely because as a supporter I feel like we’ve been strung along.

I’ll start with the argument between those who think Ken is a god versus those who don’t. I am on the latter side. Yes, the first 18 months of his tenure we cannot thank him enough. He steadied a ship worse off than the titanic, but the following 12 months… The waves have come crashing back in. Countless winding up petitions and public spats in his “notes from the chairman” have got our skepticism raised.

A Monday midnight column that declared we were in administration was followed by 36 hours of the worst time of my life as a Bolton fan. Constantly refreshing twitter and the club site, following Marc Iles for shreds of info, but nothing official. He had held the club over the chopping block and got away with it. For those 36 hours, I can’t forgive him. Not for anything, because he had publicly made me think we were done for, but he was only using that, the club staff and the fans anguish as a bargaining chip against the BluMarble loan.

Say what you want, stick up for him, it’s all personal opinion… But for what he did Tuesday, I’ll despise him forever. Strong words? Yes. But he toyed with my team, our team, our club…

Then by the end of the day, the terrible news that Eddie Davies passed. My sincere condolences to a man who was made a scapegoat, but gave £175m of his own money (there or thereabouts) so we could have some of the most successful times of our historic club.

Today (Friday) word came out that the Heathcoates situation has now been resolved…. Monday we won’t have to deal with yet another winding up petition. Good. But I’m numb to it now, which is ridiculous.

Anyway, Saturday. QPR. They’re down there, we’re up here… Just….

A potential banana skin. A potential debut for Christian Doidge. Taylor is out, Magennis is a maybe but after all the turmoil, a good turnout to pay respects to Eddie, a thanks to Parky and three points is all I want. Its not much to ask…

It’s exhausting following this team.



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