Sorry it’s not a Match Preview – Ken Anderson Edition

I usually write our match previews… I’m sorry, I have been busy with work and having family visit that I’ve missed the last two.

However, I’ve seen Big Ken’s statement today and I feel like I should say something…

I live in Spain. I watch every game on iFollow. €6 a game. If I was there I’d be there as much as I could… But the prices…

£30 for a game that’s broadcast live on Sky? Let’s weigh it up. Imagine going to the game, plus transport (£4 return if you’re lucky enough to live on a bus route), a programme, that’s another £3. Then a pint, I don’t know maybe change from £4? Then another at half time? Maybe a pie?. That is then on the cheap end of a game, £50.

You can go to a pub a walk away. Have two pints each half and dinner, you’ll be unlucky if it costs you more than half that.

That’s why fans aren’t turning up Ken. The prices! The fans would turn up to watch the worst of football if the price was right…

The Bayern Munich chairman summed it up when keeping season ticket prices low. “we argue for 5 minutes over a million in transfer fees. Let’s give it back to the fans.”

Ken – don’t blame the fans. Have a look at yourself and ask why fans aren’t coming. You’ve played with fire and dangled the club, OUR CLUB, over it, and now you blame us?

by Simon Brown



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