Est. August 2017.

Thanks for stopping by at Wanderers Station. We’re a team of passionate Wanderers fans ready to share our views on the club. We’re not professional investigative journalists, and we won’t uncover the latest breaking news. What we will do, is share our opinions which we hope will spark some debate in the comments. We hope you enjoy the site.

We are working with Bolton Nuts, and I’d like to thank them for their support.


Do you run for profit? We do not get any money out of this at present. I have put money into this site to set it up and give my time to this project as I enjoy it. Everyone who contributes to this site does so also on a volunteer basis. If you want to show you support, I’d encourage you to leave comments on our articles. They make it all worthwhile.

Why no images? The reason we don’t post images on articles on this website is because I want to avoid any possible copyright infringements. I’m not an expert on copyright law, and don’t particularly want to become one just to run this site. I want to focus on the quality of the content here.

Can I write for you? We’re always on the lookout for passionate Bolton fans to write for us. Get in touch with us here.

Do you have Twitter? Yes, thanks for asking. Drop us a follow @WandererStation. Yes, I know there’s only one ‘s’ – Twitter wouldn’t allow for two.


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